About AVRS

About AVRS

AVRS and the BPA

The DMV established the Business Partner Automation (BPA) Program to allow qualified applicants to take control of the vehicle registration process. BPA allows you to issue valid registration cards, plates, and stickers from your business office.

AVRS is your gateway to the BPA Program. You can access the application via a web browser.

With our application, there is no software installation or hardware to purchase. Additionally, it doesn’t matter what version of Windows or Mac you are currently using.

We also stock your office with an inventory of license plates, stickers, and official registration paper, and provide your DMV clerk with on-site training, so you can get started processing immediately.

Our Goal and Mission

Making your life easier is our mission. Our continued refinement, frequent updates, and new benefits allow you to accomplish more in less time, all while remaining compliant.

With two state of the art facilities in Northern and Southern California and a team of DMV registration experts, AVRS allows you to experience DMV processing and reporting with more control, transparency, compliance, and ease-of-use than ever before.


With individual user error rates being closely monitored, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are consistently informed with DMV updates and changes.

On-site Training

Monthly visits by our expert DMV account executives, ensure your team is up to date and comfortable with most recent DMV rules regulations and processing.

AVRS Training Centers

Our state-of-the-art training centers are available for all levels of DMV training and support. Our Northern California facility is located at our corporate headquarters in Petaluma, and Tustin is the home of our new Southern California office.

Free DMV Registration
Training Seminars

AVRS is proud to offer free DMV training and seminars on a regular basis. Courses range from novice DMV fundamentals to advanced, custom developed programs and 1-3 days personalized boot camps for new processors. Our goal is to ensure that all DMV administrators are comfortable handling paperwork and processing, all while remaining compliant.

Every attendee receives free printed and digital copies of AVRS’ DMV compliance training book, as well as a seminar cerificate.


At our core we are a technology company with extensive DMV registration experience and a desire to provide you with the best DMV processing solution in the industry.

Seasoned Professionals

The AVRS team is comprised of veteran new car dealer professionals with years of DMV registration experience, seasoned software engineers, and a world class California-based customer support system.

We have an in-house software development team from some of the most recognized Silicon Valley start-ups that create what you need. Frequent behind-the-scenes updates continuously improve your experience.


The AVRS data center is a fully redundant system with the best industry uptime. AVRS is the only provider that publishes a monthly system uptime & performance report.

Our new dual gigabit fiber optic links provide enough capacity to easily process every DMV and BPA transaction in the entire Western United States.


AVRS exists to serve you, our customers. Service is the lifeblood of technology, and we pride ourselves on listening and delivering; while providing an experience that will simplify your workday.

2014, 2015 & 2016
Stevie Award

AVRS Customer Service Stevie Award

AVRS was named a winner at the Stevie Award in 2014 for Sales & Customer Service, and again in 2015 for Customer Service Leader of the Year. More than 1500 nominations in virtually every industry were evaluated for these awards.

The Stevie Award is one of the world’s most coveted prizes in more than 60 nations. AVRS has the only national level award-winning Customer Service team of all DMV service providers.

Technical Support

AVRS offers you a multitude of support options to enable you to process transactions quickly, efficiently, and in compliance:

  • Telephone support
  • Live screen sharing
  • Video support
  • Hover help
  • One-on-one training

Customer Service

Product support and DMV support together, our veteran registration professionals have over 150 combined years of California DMV registration and dealership experience. Our goal is to support you in remaining compliant with all DMV requirements.