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AVRS and the BPA

The DMV established the Business Partner Automation (BPA) Program to allow qualified applicants to take control of the vehicle registration process. BPA allows you to issue valid registration cards, plates, and stickers from your business office.

AVRS is your gateway to the BPA Program. You can access the application via a web browser.

With our application, there is no software installation or hardware to purchase. Additionally, it doesn’t matter what version of Windows or Mac you are currently using.

We also stock your office with an inventory of license plates, stickers, and official registration paper, and provide your DMV clerk with on-site training, so you can get started processing immediately.

Our Goal and Mission

Making your life easier is our mission. Our continued refinement, frequent updates, and new benefits allow you to accomplish more in less time, all while remaining compliant.

With two state of the art facilities in Northern and Southern California and a team of DMV registration experts, AVRS allows you to experience DMV processing and reporting with more control, transparency, compliance, and ease-of-use than ever before.


DMV Training Seminars to Ensure Your Success

AVRS is proud to offer free DMV training and seminars on a regular basis. Courses range from novice DMV fundamentals to advanced, custom developed programs and 1-3 days personalized boot camps for new processors.

Our goal is to ensure that all DMV administrators are comfortable handling paperwork and processing, all while remaining compliant.


Advanced DMV Registration Technology

At our core AVRS is a technology company. We rethink what our customers want, before they need it, to provide the best DMV processing solutions in the industry.

We offer the most advanced, feature-rich DMV registration system, which is powered by IntelliTRAC. A state of the art document compliance tool, that provides your business with optimal tracking and reporting.

Customer Service

Over 150 combined years of California DMV Experience

The AVRS customer service team is highly focused on providing superior technical support and service. With a 99.7% customer retention rate, our customer service speaks for itself.

AVRS offers you a multitude of support options to enable you to process transactions, including complex and difficult ones; quickly, efficiently and compliantly.


AVRS Training, Technology, Customer Service, Security

Your security is our top priority. It is a requirement by law that our systems are fully secure and continually tested.

We are the only service provider in California to exceed all DMV security requirements. Our security system is equipped with fully redundant systems, dual gigabit fiber optic links and dual data centers guarded 24/7 by biometric finger print technology access.

AVRS Training, Technology, Customer Service, Security


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