DMV Processing Solutions for Credit Unions

With features like Custom Reports, one-click title printing, form auto-population, and our Fee Calculator, AVRS makes processing easier than ever for credit unions.

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This exclusive, patent-pending tracking system lets you monitor all of your DMV documents from the moment they leave your registration service until the DMV receives them. All documents are scanned and audited by DMV registration experts and are available online, allowing you to fix potential errors before they get to the DMV.

Get the information you need instantly, including:

  • Processing and received dates
  • Document status and error tracking
  • Shipping and tracking details
  • Official DMV proof-of-receipt

Document Status

Immediately upon being received at AVRS facilities, bundles are marked as “Received”, “Complete”, “Incomplete”, or “Missing”, giving you the opportunity to make corrections before being sent to the DMV.

Document Scanning

One click from your computer or mobile device gives you direct access to all documents submitted to AVRS, providing you with a paperwork archive that is accessible at any time.

Auto Populated DMV FormsExpiration Date Not Required


Track and report data with confidence, using clear and simple reporting for all aspects of DMV processing and accounting. NEXT allows you to view visual breakdowns of transaction information for each processor as well as by location.

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Management Reports

Compliance gaps happen from time to time, so real-time error tracking makes it easy to identify. AVRS DMV registration experts are always available to retrain and refresh your team when needed.

User DMV Error ReportColor Coded Edit Screen for Easy Form Entry

Simple Custom Reports

Create perfect reports in minutes. With nearly infinite customization options, you can modify an existing AVRS report or quickly create a new one to your exact specifications.

Auto Populated Exception ReportFree DMV Education

Control Panel

At a glance, the AVRS Control Panel provides important information about your processors and transactions, giving you effortless access to what matters most.

  • Heat sheet for hot deals to avoid ASF’s
  • Real time error rates
  • Identifies errors and direct access to correct them


Handwriting on the back of titles can be tedious and mistakes are more likely to be made. With AVRS, you can print on the back of titles with one click. Accurate, simple, and quick.

Simply load the title into your printer and click ‘print’

  • No more handwriting on the back of titles
  • Preview before you print
  • Auto-population of all information
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With a single click of the ‘Generate Invoice’ button, your customer will be able to walk out with a personalized receipt for their transaction.

From your company logo to your service fees, every piece of the invoice is customizable and provides you with the ability to retain customer contact information.

Fee Calculator

Every registration service needs to accurately calculate the costs of a customer’s transaction. The AVRS Fee Calculator will provide you a printable breakdown of any DMV registration fees that will need to be collected.

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