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Data Intelligence

Are you losing money?

As part of your DMS, AVRS turns your customers’ data into intelligence; reducing overhead and increasing profits.


If you are not using AVRS, your DMV service provider is not certified to access and store DMS information; putting your customers’ data at risk.

AVRS is the only certified and secure data service provider that seamlessly integrates directly with CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds DMS, and you don’t need to create files and download information. We put your security first and keep your customers’ sensitive data safe.

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DMS Integration

AVRS certified DMS integration allows you a direct and seamless connection with the top DMS providers in California.

By being part of the direct DMS integration, you are provided access to all of the data needed to accurately and efficiently process your deals. In addition, your dealership will be part of AVRS’ ever evolving and innovative technology, training and customer service; ensuring your client’s data is secure, and your DMV processing is completed quickly and efficiently.

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AVRS provides solutions that encompass many areas of a dealership’s operations; reducing costs, increasing profits and customer satisfaction – all within the most secure data environment via the DMS.

What makes AVRS stand out from the competition is our ability to go beyond DMV processing – we call it data intelligence.

AVRS, the only certified and secure data environment for your dealership.

Cost Reduction

AVRS’ fully integrated solution ensures an accurate and efficient flow of information, which reduces the need to deal with unnecessary vendors, as well as a reduction in troubleshooting and support costs. This ultimately translates to a reduction in costly areas, such as processing refund checks.

Customer Satisfaction

Direct DMS integration gives your dealership access to all the data needed to accurately and efficiently process your customers’ deals. This allows you to close their deal quickly, and in return maintain customer satisfaction and increase CSI.

Dealer Profit

Dealer costs and business efficiency are your dealership’s bottom line.

AVRS’ exclusive financial tools and user-friendly platform will allow your business to get more done in less time, help to ensure your processing is streamlined, compliant and accurate. This saves your dealership time and money overall, helping to maximize profits and virtually eliminating write offs.