Are you still losing thousands in profit due to refunds and write-offs?


NEW & EXCLUSIVE fully integrated EasyFEE will reduce refund checks and write-offs to prevent the loss of tens of thousands of dollars. This will add more margin and revenue to your dealership’s bottom line.







EasyFEE, a new AVRS exclusive fee calculator

A new solution to an old problem. We listened, developed and created.


EasyFEE was developed to serve you and your dealership to meet the revenue and time challenges faced by dealerships every day.

The integrated fee calculator greatly reduces your refund checks and write-offs. The direct DMS integration allows us to get access to information as a certified and integrated partner and use this data intelligently to save you time and money.

Now we can provide you with the correct fees without you re-keying data and prevent wasting of time to complete a deal. EasyFEE has a direct connection with the DMV fees database and will deliver the correct and most up-to-date fees based on actual information for each individual deal from the DMV and not an algorithm.



What is the difference with other fee calculators?

AVRS is the only company that can automatically populate all of the information needed to run a fee calculation quickly and with accuracy.

We believe this one product alone will allow the average dealership to recover the loss of tens of thousands of dollars and will add more margin and revenue to your dealership’s bottom line with minimal impact to the time to get a deal completed.



Our innovation continues as we support you and your dealership

We have always been innovators and pioneers and now with our certified and integrated partnerships, we have created a groundbreaking integrated fee calculator, called EasyFEE. This new product will allow you to immediately and significantly impact your dealership’s margins.