Whether your concern is dealership CSI, getting more done in less time, or compliance, NEXT rethinks your needs to bring you major enhancements in speed, ease of use, accuracy and simplicity.

AVRS NEXT DMV Processing Softawre
"In 30 years of providing consultation and advice to the industry, we have never endorsed a company. In our opinion, AVRS provides a superior product and service. The efficiencies they will provide your business office and operations are unparalleled. If you have not received a demonstration of their product, we strongly encourage you to do so"

- Rob Robards
Automotive Systems Analysis (ASA)

AVRS is your solution for DMV Processing

Fast. Simple. Easy to use.

“It not only helps me to be better but I feel more efficient and more confident” - Summer, DMV Processor at Toyota of Orange, The Wilson Automotive Group

We never forget that our technology is only as good as how our customers feel.

We take their word for it.

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AVRS is your solution for DMV Processing

The next technology in the industry

Because working faster and more accurately really matters in your day-to-day workflow, we are committed to creating a better experience for you.

NEXT improves what is already working,
because people and technology never stop evolving.

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AVRS is your solution for DMV Processing

Innovative and familiar

NEXT was a directive from you, our customers, before you even asked for it. Our collaborative relationships, and active listening inspired us to
RETHINK how to make our products better for you.

NEXT will upgrade familiar functionality to deliver everything you
need without creating more work.

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