The Most Advanced Technology in The Industry

At our core, AVRS is a technology company. And at its heart, technology serves people.

I definitely see AVRS as an innovator. I believe, technologically,
they’re more advanced than any other program available.”

—Michelle, DMV Processor at Sonnen Motor Cars

AVRS will enhance and streamline our customers’ workflow, rethinking a solid foundation of simplicity and accuracy to make technology do what it should do: Make your work life easier.


Empowering you to get more done

Our goal is to maintain the essential elements you already love, at the same time we have made your experience more powerful, simpler and even easier to use.

The new engine of the AVRS platform allows us to deliver on our promises to you. In addition, we can roll out new features and modules at a faster pace, so you can stay ahead of the game.


There is nothing more valuable than your time

AVRS spent the last year rethinking how to make your workflow faster, smoother, and more efficient. We know that these activities really do matter in your work day.

AVRS DMV solutions achieves everything you asked for, because when your work day goes faster, and you don’t have to worry about mistakes, life just gets easier.


Future proof

Rethinking is not just about improving what is already working; it’s about anticipating your needs and creating new enhancements before you need them.

At AVRS, we understand that people and technology never stop evolving, so we consistently innovate. We anticipate what you need, even before you want it.