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Are You AB 605 Compliant?

The good news is our newly expanded BPA department has already conducted audits for all of our customers and you are already compliant and protected.

The Code:

AB 605, an amendment to the vehicle code section 4456 (a) (2), which in short, prohibits the electronic filing charge from being used to pay for additional fees, goods, or services not directly related to the electronic registration of a motor vehicle, including, but not limited to, the receipt by the dealer of free or discounted goods, services, or financial incentives.

Our Position for our Customers and the Industry:

We are dedicated to your business success, and we fully support AB 605 and the resultant change to the code. We do not condone nor tolerate efforts or activities such as improper electronic filing fee practices as outlined in AB 605. Our reputation is earned by our conduct; not only via things we state, but also in the way we conduct ourselves with ethical and legal business practices.

Our Experience for You:

AVRS|CVR has been a pioneer in the EVR industry in California spanning two decades with over 3,500 customers and performing more DMV transactions per year than any other service provider in California by a wide margin. CVR is also the national market leader in registration and titling solutions, currently operating in 15,000 dealerships across 23 states and processing over 14 million transactions annually.

To summarize, we are the leaders in a dynamic and ever changing industry and AB 605 is a clarifying step that we have been aware of and have been prepared for to ensure your compliance.

Next Steps:

AVRS|CVR has already audited and verified that all of our customers are in compliance and we are providing a compliance package to each dealership. Many of you have already received your personalized compliance package.

If you have any questions please contact your dedicated AVRS|CVR personal Account Executive.

For non-AVRS|CVR customers you should verify with your provider that you are compliant and request a compliance package.


Honda of Hayward

"The AVRS Transaction handouts at the last seminar are such a valuable asset and tool for me. The information that tells you exactly how to input to the BPA is awesome! I look forward to attending the next seminar. I always walk away with valuable information and learn something new every time. Thank you all for the outstanding support you have given me."

Stephanie Stone
Honda of Hayward

Toyota of Orange, The Wilson Automotive Group

“I feel AVRS is a leader in the industry. When we have questions, they have answers.”

DMV Processor

Moss Bros Auto Group

“We have used other EVR company’s in the past and I have always had to be a back-up for my DMV team. With AVRS, I can focus on being an office manager, and still know my DMV team is covered. The information accessible to them, along with the first-hand support is incredible. 

I personally have had experience with many EVR companies as a DMV clerk. AVRS has the best technology, information, and support. 

My DMV team is more productive, and of course, this makes me more productive.”

Office Manager
Alaina Sublett

Stevens Creek BMW

“I am new to processing DMV for my dealership, AVRS has been very helpful to me. The Live Chat is especially helpful and I have used it several times over the past few months. Sometimes I use it just to be sure I’m processing something correctly or to find out how it should be processed. Either way, the employees listen, ask me questions then give me the answer I need. They have never made me feel like I’m asking a dumb question. I appreciate the service very much.”

DMV Processor
Clara Brownsord