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Security: Your Customers, Your Dealership and Your Bottom Line Profits

Security is Serious Business
“77 percent of Americans feel it is extremely or very important that companies have easy-to-understand accessible information about what personal data is collected about them, how it is used and with whom it is shared”- NCSA/Zagby Consumer Survey, November 2015

Do you believe your dealership is “immune” from security data breaches? That it will perhaps happen to some other dealership, but not yours? Well it is time to take a deeper look into this issue, and acknowledge that your dealership, or any dealership is equally at risk.

Dealerships are Financial Institutions

Dealerships are one of the most regulated businesses in the country. According to NADA, you are subjected to nearly 100 federal regulations as well as additional state laws, depending on where you reside.

Since dealerships are considered to be financial institutions, the FTC holds you accountable under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for customer information. While some private lawsuits have been unsuccessful in penalizing dealerships, the FTC has shown a strong willingness to assess hefty fines, file complaints against businesses, as well as compel dealerships to implement comprehensive security programs—some with third-party auditing for up to 20 years. 1

The financial institution tag also puts dealerships square in the middle of the map for data thieves. Therefore, frequent checks to find your weak links and vulnerabilities are very important.

These could be outdated backdoors into your system, unauthorized third-party vendor access and data usage, or insider threats from staff or consultants with more data access than necessary to do their job.

Any of these ways can open your dealership to a breach that leads to significant data loss and financial responsibility.

Access and Security

Solution providers play a tricky balancing act between providing access to dealer data for use and keeping data secure. Dealerships are using more technology tools than ever and keeping those tools synced requires sharing data. However, every new access point that is created by vendors opens up a new opportunity for data breaches.

Jeff Barr solution strategy director at CDK Global says most dealers have no idea what data is being accessed or who is accessing their data.

“Often a person will leave and the new employee has no idea what an integration or contract will mean or that it is even there,” said Barr. “There are cases when a dealer changed from one party provider to a next, but did not turn off access.”
Protecting the Industry

Barr suggests 4 basic questions dealers should ask themselves in evaluating if their data is secure:

  1. Who has access to my systems?
  2. What data is collected?
  3. Where is it sent?
  4. How is it used?

Data security is a growing concern with multiple examples of successful attacks against individual dealers. Although there has not been a widespread data breach many feel it is a question of “when” not “if.” CDK feels that dealers need to be more aware of data risks and understand the value of securing data in their DMS.

So, for a dealership with 100 employees, the annualized cost of a cyber crime event could be as much as $1.3 million.

Can you absorb that cost after a breach occurs?


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As a business owner I am thankful we decided to use AVRS as our BPA service provider. Their interface is simple and straightforward. Training was hands-on and in-depth. Their support is streamlined with options of either calling in or using the live chat feature. Agents are always helpful and able to guide us through the more complicated transactions. All-in-all I would highly recommend AVRS for any business that wants to be part of the BPA program.

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"We love working with AVRS and our account executive! The F&I Checklist is a useful tool for both F&I and our DMV Clerk. The auto-populated DMV forms also help us save a lot of time."

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"I have used other platforms at several different dealerships and hands down AVRS is the best one I have used. AVRS is very user friendly and very helpful support. Rhonda Sweetser is our Rep and I always rave about her, super knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Thanks for the great support."

Sales Manager, Alex Rayas
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"We have had the greatest experience with AVRS over the past 5 years. The information and the support that has been available to us has been very beneficial for our entire team. Our representative is amazing to say the least. The customer service we receive from her is top notch! She has been beyond helpful and supportive on numerous occasions. Overall, we are super grateful and extremely satisfied with the service we receive from AVRS."

Office Manager, Becky Gomez
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"The AVRS Transaction handouts at the last seminar are such a valuable asset and tool for me. The information that tells you exactly how to input to the BPA is awesome! I look forward to attending the next seminar. I always walk away with valuable information and learn something new every time. Thank you all for the outstanding support you have given me."

Stephanie Stone
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“I feel AVRS is a leader in the industry. When we have questions, they have answers.”

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“We have used other EVR company’s in the past and I have always had to be a back-up for my DMV team. With AVRS, I can focus on being an office manager, and still know my DMV team is covered. The information accessible to them, along with the first-hand support is incredible. 

I personally have had experience with many EVR companies as a DMV clerk. AVRS has the best technology, information, and support. 

My DMV team is more productive, and of course, this makes me more productive.”

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“I am new to processing DMV for my dealership, AVRS has been very helpful to me. The Live Chat is especially helpful and I have used it several times over the past few months. Sometimes I use it just to be sure I’m processing something correctly or to find out how it should be processed. Either way, the employees listen, ask me questions then give me the answer I need. They have never made me feel like I’m asking a dumb question. I appreciate the service very much.”

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