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AVRS and CDK Global Launch EasyFEE at NADA 2017

Petaluma, CA – AVRS announced today the successful launch of EasyFEE at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) in New Orleans, LA on January 26, the 100th anniversary of the NADA Convention and Expo.

AVRS demonstrated EasyFEE at the CDK Global booth at the NADA Expo. This is the first fee calculator with bi-directional access to the California State DMV to be integrated into a Dealer Management System (DMS) in the state of California.NADA

EasyFEEprovides access to all of the data needed to accurately and efficiently calculate fees at the time of sale, which will reduce refund checks and write-offs to prevent the potential loss of thousands of dollars in dealerships throughout California.

Mark Kithcart, California State Manager for AVRS, stated, “We heard loud and clear from the Finance and Sales departments that they would not use the fee calculators currently in the marketplace due to the amount of time it took to access the calculator, add the correct information, calculate the fees and then add the correct data back into the DMS; which, from a time standpoint, is prohibitive.”

EasyFEE will return calculated fees more accurately and quickly within a DMS environment than any other DMV service provider in California. The EasyFEE integrated fee calculation saves more time than all other methods currently being used.

Mr. Kithcart stated,“We wanted to streamline this process and it has been a huge success for an age-old problem that will directly impact the dealership’s bottom line in a very positive way.”

The direct and seamless connection with the DMS will reduce the risk of data leaving a secure environment, ensuring that the dealership’s sensitive and private customer data and information is safe and secure.

For more information or to schedule a demo for the New AVRS EasyFEE product,  please contact Mark Kithcart at PR(@)AVRS.com or call 707-658-4100.



Honda of Hayward

"The AVRS Transaction handouts at the last seminar are such a valuable asset and tool for me. The information that tells you exactly how to input to the BPA is awesome! I look forward to attending the next seminar. I always walk away with valuable information and learn something new every time. Thank you all for the outstanding support you have given me."

Stephanie Stone
Honda of Hayward

Toyota of Orange, The Wilson Automotive Group

“I feel AVRS is a leader in the industry. When we have questions, they have answers.”

DMV Processor

Moss Bros Auto Group

“We have used other EVR company’s in the past and I have always had to be a back-up for my DMV team. With AVRS, I can focus on being an office manager, and still know my DMV team is covered. The information accessible to them, along with the first-hand support is incredible. 

I personally have had experience with many EVR companies as a DMV clerk. AVRS has the best technology, information, and support. 

My DMV team is more productive, and of course, this makes me more productive.”

Office Manager
Alaina Sublett

Stevens Creek BMW

“I am new to processing DMV for my dealership, AVRS has been very helpful to me. The Live Chat is especially helpful and I have used it several times over the past few months. Sometimes I use it just to be sure I’m processing something correctly or to find out how it should be processed. Either way, the employees listen, ask me questions then give me the answer I need. They have never made me feel like I’m asking a dumb question. I appreciate the service very much.”

DMV Processor
Clara Brownsord