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AVRS Is Ready For California DMV AB516 Mandate


PETALUMA, Calif., Dec. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- AVRS, a pioneer in developing technology for the California DMV Business Partner Automation Program, today announced that it is fully ready and working with its dealers to ensure a seamless integration and timely compliance of the new AB516 mandate. As the California DMV prepares to unify its computer vehicle registration under one valid eROS system, AVRS is ensuring the readiness of its California DMV-approved solution to meet and manage the new regulations.

With any current or pilot integrations in the marketplace set to be null and void as of January 1, the newly required California DMV AB516 integration is ready for the 2019 shift. AVRS' new integration solution allows dealers to establish a seamless connection to accurately and efficiently process information for electronically reported vehicle registration and temporary license plate requirements.

"We have been laser-focused on creating, training and implementing our California DMV-approved integration to be ready for the new AB516 mandate," said Aaron Medina, vice president and general manager, AVRS. "The DMV has been clear with all EVR vendors that there will be only one DMV-approved integration process under AB516. Our products and teams are fully prepared and ready for this integration, and we have been actively training dealers for seamless implementation on day one."

Additional program information can be found at https://www.avrs.com/temptags.

AVRS is a CVR company backed by CDK Global, Inc. and Reynolds & Reynolds, which provides automotive dealers with effective, efficient and secure registration services.

About AVRS

AVRS is a pioneer in developing technology for the California DMV Business Partner Automation program. With a focus on efficiency and ease of use, modern technology has been used to bring an unrivaled web-based solution to the registration marketplace. All of this is backed by award-winning customer support and an expert training team making AVRS a complete solution for DMV processing. For more information, visit avrs.com.

About CVR

CVR, a joint venture between CDK Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDK) and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, provides automotive dealers with fast, secure, certified electronic vehicle registration. CVR processes millions of vehicle transfers and DMV inquiries annually across 18 states that offer electronic vehicle registration. CVR currently offers state certified programs providing Electronic Registration, Vehicle Record Inquiry, and Electronic Lien and Title services. For more information, visit cvrconnect.com.


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