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AVRS Partners With ATC to Provide Seamless and Accurate Vehicle Titling and Registration Experience Across All 50 States

ORANGE, CALIF. – December 17, 2020 – Computerized Vehicle Registration (AVRS), the national market leader in registration and titling solutions, today announced a new partnership with Automotive Titling Corporation (ATC), a Colorado-based company that provides out-of-state title and registration services to auto dealers throughout the United States. These two large brands in the electronic vehicle registration (EVR) space are combining forces to provide an enhanced and faster vehicle registration experience for car buyers in all 50 states.

“Our partnership with ATC will allow dealers nationwide to process in-state and out-of-state fees more accurately through on-demand fee quotes,” said Monique Buduan, senior director, AVRS. “By automating fee quotes and documentation, we are creating a process that will enable car buyers to trust dealers to facilitate vehicle registration through an accurate, low-hassle experience.”

To further improve the experience, dealers will also have access to forms with auto-populated data tailored to each specific transaction, minimizing the risk of inaccurate documentation from the beginning.

“This partnership is the realization of a long-held vision to bring together the best EVR and Out-of-State (OoS) providers to create a seamless title process for our customers,” said Marcus Alley, vice president of strategic initiatives, ATC. “Title clerks will have the convenience of AVRS’s EVR platform and expertise of ATC’s OoS solution to reduce unnecessary penalties for our customers.”

EVR integrations for AVRS and ATC will be rolled out on a state-by-state basis with integrations for select states made available by early 2021. Currently, all AVRS customers can leverage ATC services while integrations for their state are rolled out.

About AVRS
AVRS, a joint venture between CDK Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDK) and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, provides automotive dealers and other key members of the vehicle lifecycle with fast, secure, certified electronic vehicle registration. AVRS processes millions of vehicle transfers and DMV inquiries annually across 17 states that offer electronic vehicle registration. AVRS currently offers state certified programs providing Electronic Registration, Vehicle Record Inquiry, and Electronic Lien and Title services. For more information, visit www.avrs.com.

About ATC
ATC helps auto dealers streamline the process of completing sales of vehicles across state lines, alleviating the need to navigate different DMV protocols, fees and processes for all 50 states and every county throughout the U.S.

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